What is YL College?

Young Life College Fall Getaway
Q:  ​Will I fit in at Young Life?
A: Absolutely! You will come and have adventure and community and you will develop friendships that will walk with you for the rest of your life.

Q:  Will I have a good time?
A:  Absolutely! We have a great group of awesome people.  We do all kinds of things together to give you the best four years of your life. 

Q:  Will it connect with me spiritually?
A:  No matter where you are -- wanting to grow in your faith or just trying to check it out --  we think you will have the best time growing in community and experiencing life to the full!

Young Life College Football Tailgate

Get Connected

​1.  Roots - fun and hilarious time to meet new people and grow in community with a short message at the end.

2.  Small Groups - great way to really do life together and get to know each other in a real way.

3.  Leadership Training - we have a ton of ministry opportunities in the Rutgers Metro. Let a leader know if you are interested in leading!

4.  Fall getaways, trivia night, speed dating, tailgates, lip sync battles, and lots of other events -- we make Jimmy Fallon proud!


​1.  Winter Work Crew Weekend - Lake Champion

2.  Fall Getaway - Lake Champion

3. Spring Break Trip!

Young Life Leader Placements 2015!

Become a Young Life Leader

We have a ton of ministry opportunities in the Rutgers Metro:
  • Middle School - WyldLife
  • High School - Young Life
  • College - Young Life College
Are you made for this?  Let a YL College leader know and check out our Leader Training class every spring semester.

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Phone: 973-477-9737

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